Writing is my passion and vocation. I like nothing more than challenging myself with a new novel or short story, weaving in different voices, exploring a particular theme I’m both interested in and slightly scared of, or using a different language.

If I knew what to do every time I started a new novel, I would have given up writing a long time ago! I love the fact that, while I am very organized in my practical life, I’m happy to let my characters and plot develop in my writing, without feeling the need to control absolutely everything. Writing for me is energy, freedom and spaciousness.


I’ve written six novels, five in French and one in English, and I’m currently working on my seventh, also in English.

Heading for the Wall (October 2014) is a story of loss with, as a backdrop, a world forced to slow down and come up with substitutes for online lives and instant communication following the death of the Internet and wireless connections. Read more.

Décalé (Off-the-Wall) which is 80% done and I’ve put on hold in Sept 2013 to concentrate fully on my first novel in English.

L’éloge de l’ombre (In Praise of Shadows) completed in October 2012. Nicolas Launay, a disgraced businessman turned successful writer is rescued by Rachel Weber, an aspiring professional photographer, after fainting in Charles de Gaulle airport main hall. Several months later, Rachel receives a notebook from Nicolas. Why did he choose to confide in her and are any of his secrets true? Read more about my writing in French


I started writing short stories in 2013 and, despite finding the format challenging at first, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this new challenge. Read more.


I’ve written poems during creative writing workshop sessions, which took place in various museums in Cambridge (Kettle’s Yard, The Scott Polar Institute and the Museum of Archeology). Read those.