After two hours with Caroline a vague idea of a book became on paper reality. She gave me structure, guidelines and asked questions that enabled me to begin writing. She was the turning point in my becoming an author.

Mari Williams, The Mind Architect – March 2017

Caroline helped me shape and refine a short story, in lengthy discussion of structure, tone and style. Her suggestions were helpful and provocative, improving the end result immeasurably.

Voula Grand – November 2016

A mentoring session with Caroline is like therapy, enjoyable conversation and motivational coaching rolled into one.  With her encouragement, I feel able to relax and explore on my own terms what kind of writer I might be. 

Anita Cullum – May 2017


The tutor was excellent and I have learnt a huge amount about creative writing techniques. I have loved every minute, and I do hope the course returns at a later date for more creative writing with Caroline.

Katie Keeble – February 2017

I found the classes enjoyable and challenging. Caroline’s passion for writing is infectious and inspirational. The writing process, characters, structure and plot, suddenly seemed clearer to me and found I was able to complete a short story for the first time.

Julie Cutter – February 2017

I have had so much fun being introduced to the art of creative writing through the class. I have resolved to take writing seriously… I found the tips Caroline gave us as per way of the writing process most useful.

Emmanuel Emenalom – February 2017

I enjoyed the course and felt it benefited my writing as well.  It was well organised and structured and the atmosphere was pleasant.

Simon Bellow – February 2017


‘A very constructive and informative session. Lots of interesting tips re: preparation, planning, editing, descriptive text, etc. So much to think about – the “spark” has now returned and I now feel inspired to continue with my book. Caroline is a very good teacher, knowledgeable and excellent at explaining ways to help improve on writing techniques coupled with “bucket loads” of enthusiasm. Looking forward to further sessions.’

Sara – August 2016

It was very inspiring and encouraging. Caroline shared her experience as a writer and a teacher. She provided very useful recommendations to improve and develop our style. I’ve already used Caroline’s tips/recommendations and thank her a lot for them. I would definitely recommend coming to her workshops.

Christelle Wong – September 2016

The workshop was fun and informative on creative writing. The writing exercises were interesting to say the least and I enjoyed how the workshop progressed.

Rachel Kainsky – May 2016