Blade Runner is one of my favourite movies, one of the few I have watched many times, every time with a renewed sense of awe, so I greeted the news of a sequel last year with little interest. I couldn’t see the point of extending what I thought was a perfectly crafted story. When I realised that Denis Villeneuve, the director of Arrival, had been chosen for the job, however, I decided to put my doubts aside and see Blade Runner 2049.

Good movies entertain, great movies stop you dead in your tracks. They stretch your horizons further than you thought was possible and make you pause and rethink your own take on storytelling. Exiting the cinema after seeing Blade Runner 2049 felt like going back to the surface after 2h40 of intense deep-sea diving. I was gasping for air, surprised to be greeted by daylight, trees, and flowers. Walking home, I could feel every part of my brain struggling to slot back into place. I was exhausted, dazed, and deeply happy.

The movie is breathtakingly beautiful and offers a sober yet powerful take on the themes explored in Blade Runner. While I will never be a fan of Ryan Gosling monotone acting style, I found his scenes with Harrison Ford both fascinating and moving. And I cannot wait to see what movie Denis Villeneuve is going to direct next.






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