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Bereft is how I always feel after finishing a great read.

I usually dive into a book and, if I love it, I rush, because I absolutely need to know what happens next. I then have to slow down when I realise I am near the end and when I’m done, I feel both elated and bereft. I miss the characters and grieve the loss of that wonderful imaginary space the writer created for me. I want to erase the story from my memory and start the novel all over again.

This is how I felt after finishing ‘Le Premier Miracle’ by Gilles Legardinier. The author usually writes comedies (and is the only one who’s made laugh out loud while reading) but, this time, he wrote a mystery novel with two central British characters who are both original and endearing.

I’m not going to say more, as the author himself asked for us readers, in the afterword of his novel, to keep the plot secret. Once more, he’s used this space, at the end of his book, to communicate with us and also to give us a surprise. And, don’t count on me to tell you what it was, only that I was deeply moved by the time I reluctantly closed the book. I hope ‘Le Premier Miracle’ will be available soon in English and I cannot wait to read Gilles Legardinier’s next novel.

Gilles Legardinier

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