Writing isn’t a speed race, it’s the long-distance run, the 40K marathon. Expecting to produce content from the word go and being disappointed if you don’t, is the equivalent of deciding that you cannot run, without having once done a warm-up session, put on your running shoes and left the starting blocks.

Contrary to what is usually portrayed on the small or big screen, inspiration doesn’t come out of the void nor out of the blue. It is because you’ve spent hundreds of hours at your desk, shaping and reshaping your sentences and plot, that ideas come to you. Writing is a muscle you exercise on a daily basis. And the more you do, the quicker you get to the right idea, sentence and plot. You cannot predict when those moments will take place. What you can do, however, is apply yourself and write as much and as often as is humanly possible. And if, at some point, you stumble and fall, you pick yourself up and keep going. Why? Because there’s nothing like it.

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