Firework Trees

Firework Trees is my very first short story.  I wrote it in two days, most of it came fully formed. I like the names of the two main characters – Maud and Gideon Robson – so much, I kept them for my novel, Heading for the Wall.

It was part of the 12 short stories short-listed for the InkTears Competition out of a total of 600 submissions and was awarded a Highly Commended position.

2,500 words/June 2013

You go to my head

I borrowed the title from a particularly sensual and romantic Louis Armstrong song for this epistolary short story. Ephram is writing letters to Stella who’s reluctantly responding, at least at first. She saved him from a certain death and, as a consequence, fell, hurt her head and lost her memoy. Ephram wants to help her getting it back, Stella doesn’t trust him and thinks he has something else in mind, but what?

4,595  words/May 2013


Adam is determined to conquer the iron-clad heart of the formidable Georgina. Adam is 13, Georgina, who’s two years older than him, hates his gutsand is about to leave the UK for good anyway. Adam’s read many books, legends in particular, and has a cunnning plan. What could possibly go wrong?

6,090 words/Dec. 2014


Her eyes constantly fixed on the pavement, Rose keeps noticing discarded items of clothing and objects and imagining their story. She’s forgotten what it’s like to look up and hope. Trapped in a soul-destroying job, alone in a new town, Rose is more likely to trust inanimate objects than strangers. Or maybe not…

3,228  words/Nov. 2014

Adding & Subtracting

This is a short story about a short story being edited, though not in a conventional way…

2,200  words/April. 2015