This is inspiring
Sarah Christopher

I’ve tried and failed to complete writing courses in the past but this one is different. It takes you into the depths of the writer’s mind, giving renewed insight into the actual process of writing a novel. Not only is the course encouraging and to-the-point, it’s also practical with simple but effective templates and exercises. Caroline brings the process of writing a novel to life, so much so that by the end of the course I felt like something had lit up and I was ready to start writing again in earnest.
Anita CullumI found this course incredibly helpful. I was very much confused and always wondered how the process of writing a book or any large piece of work happened. This course helped so much in explaining some key questions that I hadn’t received an answer to by myself or by others. So, that’s why the 5 star rating!
Chethak MP

You have always wanted to write a novel, you have a rough idea and do not know where to start.

Or you have started your novel, but you’re not enjoying it as much as you thought you would, because you’re not clear about the process and wish you had signposts and guidance.

This easy and detailed course focuses on getting you properly started. It shows you how to turn a rough idea into a story by creating tools that will give you clarity, direction and confidence in your writing.

  • You will be able to re-use those tools for many other stories.
  • You will never start a new story with the fear of the blank page.

This course offers you:

  • A step-by-step guide to scale down your ideas to a manageable story start.
  • Tools that you can download and tailor to your needs following the course guidelines


  • 32 lectures and 2 hours of content
  • Detailed guidance on how to create your story, characters, and plot
  • Writing tools to tailor to your own needs
  • A clear understanding of how to start the writing process
  • Confidence in your writing ability


This course is for:

  • Anyone keen to write a story (whatever the length
  • Anyone interested in learning about the creative process
  • Anyone struggling with developing confidence in their writing

Writing is my vocation and my passion. Creating stories to share with others has not only given me joy, but also strength and confidence in myself. I created this course because I want you to feel equally confident in your writing and enjoy the writing process.

This easy, step-by-step course guides you through key stages of starting your novel, thanks to video lectures, short exercises, and templates you can adapt to your own needs.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • turn a rough idea into the starting point of a story,
  • structure your story following a strong and logical arc,
  • create believable and relatable characters.