I worked with Caroline at the University of Cambridge and have continued to work with her on other editorial projects beyond the university. She has a superb talent and ability for bringing insight and clarity to written content, regardless of what stage it is at – and she does so with passion. She is also friendly, patient and puts those that she works with immediately at ease. I have absolute confidence in Caroline’s ability as an editor, writer and mentor – she is pretty special!

Leah Loughnane – July 2017

I have eleven years of publishing experience, which includes book production, editing, marketing and website development. Aside from printing, I have taken part in every single stage of the publishing cycle from negotiating book rights at the Frankfurt Book Fair to working in a bookshop and managing a small publishing company.

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– Copy-editing, restructuring and proofreading dissertations, PhDs, articles, presentations and reports.

Proofreading: £22 per hour (average of 9 pages proofread per hour)
Copy-editing: £27 per hour (average of 6 pages edited per hour)

Please note that I might come back with a revised estimate, depending on the amount of work your text needs.


– Writing/rewriting promotional copy and publications.
– Advice on delivering targeted promotional strategies (campaigns, competitions and tailored web features), as well as creating blogs, portfolios and newsletters.