The myth I’m always keen to dispel is the one according to which powerful, meaningful writing can only originate in and cause pain. I suspect the Romantics are responsible for such a myth and that many contemporary writers feel they have to embrace it, in order to play the part. In reality, only a deep passion for writing and a strong pull make you write eight, ten, twelve hours a day or more, not pain.

For me, writing is joy, even when I’m reshaping the same chapter for the umpteenth time, when I have yet to be convinced by the dialogue I’ve just written or when a character seems to evade me. This is part of the exploration and I love every minute of it. Through persistence, hard work and constructive feedback, I’ve learned how to shape my stories and, more importantly, to develop and strengthen my voice as a writer.

After being told for quite some time by people around me that I should teach creative writing, I decided to follow their advice a year ago and share my passion for writing and pass on some of my techniques and tips to others, while demystifying some of the most enduring and negative clichés that prevent many from getting started. Needless to say, I love it…

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